पश्चिम महाराष्ट्र "महापूर"


  • To help people affected by natural or manmade calamity
  • To do all that is required for people who are socially, economically or otherwise affected by such calamities
  • To render any help within the framework if IT Act 1961 and BPT act 1950 and any other law for the time in force.
  • To render help to citizens and /or animals from draught affected area of India. Long terms schemes for drinking water, improvement in quality of drinking water, to construct, repair and maintain reservoir, borewell, irrigation scheme, dam and bank, waterline, canals and other water reservoirs.
  • To render help to the Indian social elements who have become or who are probable to become addict of drug or intoxicated substances. This help is to be in a social and medical form or in rehabilitation form.
  • To render proper help to the parts of India having inadequate medical facility for removing such insufficiency, for that purpose make provisions foe long term scheme for providing drainage, lavatory, toilets and drainage system.